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Our head development chef Steve has shared some of his favourite dishes from our menu..

Our Summer menu is a flavour sensation! Head over to The Greaves Park to discover your favourite new dish.




They say, sharing is caring and we couldn't agree more!

Delicious and irresistible this is a dish that is sure to impress. Inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, thanks to its warming spices and aromatic flavours this typically Middle Eastern dish is perfect to be enjoyed outside. 

This sharer, with its roasted red peppers & sweet potato kofta skewers on a turmeric, cranberry & cauliflower couscous salad, has a really distinctive flavour running through it and tastes as good as it looks!

Olives and sliced beetroot, make this dish delightfully moreish and the seeded crostini is the perfect choice for dipping! 

Steve says, the 'red pepper ketchup adds a certain amount of sweetness to the sharer and a nice little bit of heat to the dish! Perfect for the warmer days that are on the horizon'

Chefs Verdict: The perfect start to a delicious meal designed to bring everyone together!

Grilled Hake with Chorizo and Prawns

A Taste Of The Sea


Steve said he wanted to emulate the flavours of summer and in particular the essence of being beside the sea and he felt the perfect fish dish to include within our new menu was grilled hake.

Our development chefs set to work on creating a dish that would epitomise the taste of summer holidays. 

Grilled Hake with Fried Chorizo and Prawns was the result! Steve explained, 'the hake is grilled to help give a crispy skin and keep the flavour whilst the new potatoes are crushed and infused with a basil pesto dressing, designed to complement the chorizo ketchup.'  

'Samphire is used to accompany the fish and thanks to its salty flavourings it was the perfect finishing touch to transport your taste buds to the seaside.' Delicious!

The fish is a fine, flaky texture whilst the fried chorizo adds a new dynamic to the dish thanks to its strong, meaty texture.

IPA Chicken in a Basket

IPA Chicken in a Basket


Asking Steve what's his favourite dish from the new menu and it's not an easy choice for him!

'My go to dish at a push would have to be the IPA Chicken in a Basket - a real pub classic it's packed full of flavour thanks to it's IPA seasoned crumb. Perfectly washed down with a pint of IPA. It's a real, dig in and get involved dish!'

Served with skin-on fries and chicken gravy Steve explains 'the chicken gravy is rich and incredibly moreish, and works fantastically when drizzled over the crispy IPA chicken. It's a real winner!'


Save Some Room For Later


What is a great meal without a delicious pudding?! We say there's always room for pudding!

Designed to tempt you, our new menu has some delicious new puddings. 

Introducing our Rhubarb crumble sundae: Packed full of chunky pieces of rhubarb, its super sweet, partnered with a tangy elder-flower custard, it has a really distinctive flavour, a real taste of Summer!

Topped off with clotted cream ice cream and a yummy oaty crumble it's equal measures indulgent and tempting. 

Another show stopping pudding on our new menu is the Choux Bun with Prosecco Strawberries. Full of mascarpone cream and strawberries drenched in a Prosecco sauce it's like Summer in a mouthful.



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