Five of the best pubs with beer gardens

You just can’t beat a beer garden when the weather’s nice. And as the sun dips low on pleasant summer evenings, they become the ultimate places to relax. Whether you're catching up with friends and family or unwinding with colleagues after a long day, pubs with beer gardens are the ideal place to enjoy some fresh air.

Why is it called a beer garden?

Pub beer gardens are a key part of our culture here in the UK. But they actually originated in 19th-century Germany, for very practical reasons. Back then, breweries couldn’t make beer during the hot summer months due to the fire risk posed by brewing equipment. 

To store beer in summer, breweries built large underground cellars. They then planted trees and greenery above these cellars to keep the beer cool. Tables and benches were set up in these gardens above, creating an outdoor drinking space known as a beer garden.

These gardens evolved into popular social spaces where people could enjoy a beer outdoors. Exactly like the beer gardens we know and love today. 

Why are beer gardens so popular?

Like many of our much-loved traditions, beer gardens were originally borne out of practicality. But they’ve since transformed to become a stalwart of British summer time. Beer gardens can take up many forms beyond the traditional swathe of green grass. You can find them in towns and city centres, and even on rooftops. 

If you’re not a fan of muddy hikes and rainy walks, getting outside in the UK can be a struggle. Sunshine can be a rare thing. Our unpredictable weather is just one of the reasons so many of us flock to our nearest beer garden at the sign of those first few rays. Pubs with beer gardens provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without having to battle the elements. 

A lot of pub gardens are built with the view in mind, next to beautiful flowing rivers or peaceful lakes. It’s a wonderful way to be close to nature while enjoying a cold drink and some delicious food. 

Imagine sitting at a table in a verdant garden chatting with friends. The trees sing with the melodic chirping of birds and a soft breeze keeps it just the right amount of cool. And you didn’t have to hike for a mile to get here. You just went to the pub.


Five things that make the perfect beer garden

From stunning views to comfy seating, attention to detail is key to take a basic pub garden and transform it into the ideal outdoor social hub. Here are five essentials that contribute to the perfect beer garden. 

  1. Lovely view. It’s always nice to have something to look at while you sip a refreshing drink. Whether it's rolling green hills or a quiet canal, you can never go wrong with a picturesque backdrop.
  2. Relaxing space. There are lots of ways pub gardens can feel relaxed and laid-back. It could be a tidy lawn or flowerbeds. Mood lighting, potted plants or greenery. Whatever it is, you should feel right at home. 
  3. Comfortable seating. Picnic benches can be fine for a short stay. But a cushioned chair or comfy lounge area will be a lot cosier if you’re planning to spend a few hours in a beer garden.
  4. Outdoor heaters. Even during the summer it can get chilly in the UK when night falls. Heaters are great for when the temperature starts to dip, keeping you toasty at the click of a button.
  5. Food and drink choice. Perhaps you’re just stopping in for a quick pint and a burger. Maybe it’s a cold glass of rose with your lunch. Whatever it is, quality pub food and drinks are a must for any pub with a beer garden. 

Five of our best pubs with beer gardens

At Chef & Brewer, we have lots of charming pubs with beer gardens. We’d love for you to experience the spectacular British countryside by visiting us this summer.


The Castle Hotel, Leicestershire

A beautiful 17th century pub brimming with well maintained, original charm, the Castle Hotel is the perfect place to relax with tasty pub food. The beer garden is an idyllic spot where you may like to sit down and enjoy a delicious Sunday lunch.


The Riverside Inn, Shrewsbury

In the beautiful Shrewsbury countryside lies our picture-perfect Riverside Inn country pub. A peek from any of the windows here provides breathtaking views over the River Severn. This handsome inn boasts an outdoor bar in which to relax and admire the lush scenery.


The Hare and Hounds Inn, Cheshire

A cosy gem nestled in rural Cheshire, the Hare and Hounds offers a broad range of cask ales and lagers. Both food and drink are served all day long, which you can enjoy in the outdoor dining area when the weather’s nice.



The Spread Eagle, Lancashire

The Spread Eagle is a gorgeous countryside pub with incredible views out onto lush rolling hills and beautiful valleys. Soak up the sun on the terrace with a cool crisp beer after a pleasant countryside jaunt.


The Greyhound, Milton Malsor

A traditional English pub dating back to the 16th century complete with tree-lined lawns and its very own duck pond, the Greyhound has a wonderful beer garden. As well as a huge range of food and drink available inside and out, every day of the week. 

Find pubs with beer gardens near you

Beer gardens are integral to British culture. In addition to relaxation and socialising, they can also bring us closer to nature. From sipping a pint in the sunshine to soaking up incredible views, beer gardens capture the essence of British pub life. 

If you’d like to experience one for yourself, we have lots of lovely pubs with beer gardens.