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No & Low


Enjoy one of our selection of no and low alcohol beers and ciders, whether you are taking part in Dry January or are just looking at cutting down your alcohol intake in the spirit of being a little more healthier our extensive range of no and low alcoholic drinks are sure to impress. 

No-Alcohol Wine


Natureo Rosé, Spain

Raspberry colour with soft coppery highlights, delicate fruit aroma and a coffee note. Pairs perfectly with vegetable dishes and pasta 0.0% ABV


Natureo White, Spain

Delicate apple aroma, smooth and fresh on the palate - an excellent aperitif. Pairs perfectly with fish dishes and seafood 0.0% ABV

No-Alcohol Beer


NEW Brooklyn Special Effects 0.4%

In Brooklyn Special Effects, you will taste something incredible: a delicious alcohol free beer. It's a hoppy lager with an unexpected piney aroma and pleasantly bitter finish. 

The beer gets its bready sweetness from a blend of pale caramel, and dark roasted Munich malts, and its surprising nose from dry-hopping with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops - a technique rarely used in alcohol-free brewing. 

They use a specially developed fermentation method that limits the amount of alcohol that is created, while allowing more traditional beer flavours to develop. It tastes just like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it's not!


Low Calorie Soft Drinks


J2O Spritz Pear and Raspberry ( 55 kcal)

J2O Spritz Peach and Apricot ( 55 kcal)

Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Fentimans Gingerbeer

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