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Whatever the time of day, there’s always time to relax with one of our hot drinks.

Our medium dark espresso roast contains beans from Brazil, Central America and India, which gives a smooth, full-bodied coffee with layers of flavour. Initial caramel sweetness is followed by rich hazelnut notes.


Cappuccino - £2.85

Latte - £2.85

Americano - £2.75

Americano with milk - £2.75

Decaf white coffee - £2.75

Decaf black coffee - £2.75

Espresso - £2.25

Double espresso - £2.55

Liqueur coffee - £3.75



Twinings English Breakfast tea - £2.50 

Twinings Earl Grey tea - £2.50

Twinings herbal tea - £2.50



Deluxe Hot Chocolate - £2.90

Hot chocolate - £3.40

Liqueur hot chocolate - £3.90


All of our coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Ask a member of our team for the full range of hot drinks, including decaffeinated options.

Don't forget

Mini pudding and hot drink

half a slice of Millionaire’s Cheesecake (v) or Chocolate Torte (ve)(n) with any coffee or tea

Excludes liqueur coffee



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