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Essex is known for lots of things. But you might not think of it as the beautiful countryside jewel in the south of England that it is. This low-lying county is deeply indented by estuaries and rivers due to its position on the coast of the North Sea. These water features have created a landscape that is lush with blues, greens and more, with beaches, marshland and fields across the region. 

Essex is also full of historic and cultural touchstones for tourists and locals alike. The best way to experience these attractions and the breathtaking local landscapes is to explore them from the comfort of one of our country pub hotels in Essex.

This exciting county is flush with activities and attractions for all ages. From the scenic sights of Mountfitchet Castle to the iconic Southend Pier, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Across Essex, you’ll find our Chef & Brewer country pub hotels that act as the perfect base camps to launch your exploration of the county. As a tourist, you’ll cherish the moment you feel the warm embrace of a duvet and pillow after a long day. As a local, you’ll find homely flavours from our extensive food and drinks menu from our pubs – even if you’re not staying with us.


The best country pub hotels in Essex

Each one of our country pub hotels are positioned in an area that makes the most of the surrounding attractions, ensuring you’ll be full of beans wherever you book your new home away from home.


Green man

Each morning at the Green Man pub and hotel, you’ll pull back the curtain and get a stunning look at the scenic town of Harlow. Here you can make the most of nearby Paradise Wildlife Park or Colchester Zoo, or even head into town to flex your shopping muscles. After that, head back to the comforting Green Man pub. We’ll serve you up some delicious food and drink and get you recharged for the next day exploring.


Wings of a bird

Just on the fringes of Hertford, you’ll find the quaint Feathers Inn. Here you can jump across the county line and explore all that West Essex has to offer. From the green and lush Epping Forest to the more built-up town of Chelmsford, there’s ample opportunity to explore and experience the magic of Essex. And while you’re near Hertford, you should check out Hertford Castle or a show at the Corn Exchange Hertford music venue. Then, once you’re all played out, rest your head in one of our cosy beds back at the hotel.

More about Essex

Even more than its cultural significance, Essex is a beautiful and picturesque corner of the country filled with activities and landmarks that can’t help but be explored. From beaches to hills, this county is a canvas of British colours that can only be discovered when you feel it for yourself.

Stretching over 350 miles, the county has a coastline that makes for the perfect romantic stroll for if you’re looking for a couples’ retreat. Find adventure in the many coves and outlets in the dunes and beach walls, or come for the fine dining experiences close to the seaside.

If you’re in Essex for the history, you’ll find more than you can experience in one trip. As one of England’s ceremonial counties and a home county, the name Essex is actually derived from “East Saxons”, so history is literally in the name. From castles and monasteries to opulent houses like Audley End House and Gardens in Saffron Walden.

If you’re a fan of the arts, you won’t go far wrong by looking into the Firstsite visual arts space in Colchester. Here you can see an ever-changing programme of exhibitions, cinema, theatre and artwork in a building designed as an art piece itself.

With such a wealth of experiences to uncover, Essex truly has something for everyone. After a day filled with exploration, you can look forward to unwinding in one of our cosy country pub hotels. Book a room now in a perfect place to rest and recharge.

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