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Excite your taste buddies this Autumn/Winter menu. Discover the best of British Comfort food. This is Available Monday to Saturday.




All of our steaks are expertly aged for up to 28 days to ensure they are tender and full of flavour

Our signature mixed grill
28 day aged rump steak, chicken breast, 7oz gammon steak, pork sausage, black pudding, free-range fried egg, grilled tomato, onion rings or crispy onion wedge and a choice of chips, mashed potato, jacket potato or salad

Our steaks are served with grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, lambs leaf, onion rings or crispy onion wedge. Plus triple-cooked chips, mashed potato, jacket potato or salad

Upgrade to sweet potato fries for £1.20

beautifully tender 8oz steak with marbling for a greater depth of flavour

firmer texture 9oz steak for fuller flavour

Rib eye
9oz marbled steak that’s supremely tender

7oz fillet prized for its delicate structure and extra tenderness, served with a jug of creamy peppercorn sauce

Signature Sauces/Butters
Creamy peppercorn, Smoked Hollandaise, Red wine, onion & chorizo

Surf your turf with garlic & coriander glazed king prawns† and panko-coated calamari