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Research has revealed that the average Brit has just 24 minutes to themselves after a long working day. The average full-time worker leaves the office 23 minutes late each day, spends 33 minutes travelling home from work, 39 minutes preparing, cooking and clearing up after dinner, and 33 minutes doing household chores – leaving less than half an hour to themselves after all the jobs are done.

Unsurprisingly, a whopping 77 percent wished they had more time to themselves on a weekday evening.

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10 ways to enhance your evening


After finding the average person has just 24 minutes to themselves after a long working day, we’ve revealed our top ten tips to make the most out of your evenings:


  1. Try to leave work on time

With a huge pile of work and a never-ending stream of emails, it can seem impossible to leave work on time. However, it’s important that we give ourselves enough time to unwind after a full day at work and establish that all-important work-life balance. Leaving work on time will not only give you more time in the evening, it can also help reduce stress and increase productivity.


  1. Switch off technology

There’s no doubt that the increase in smart phones and tablets means we’re a nation that’s always on. No matter how you choose to unwind after work, it will be even harder if you’re constantly checking your phone, or worse, going through work emails. Set a deadline for when you disconnect from all technology and try to stick to it each evening.


  1. Take some time to reflect on your day

Find 15-20 minutes to just sit and reflect on the day, whether it’s in your car, on the train or on the sofa at home. This will give you time to process what’s happened that day and allow you to look to the evening ahead.  


  1. Head to the gym

Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain and releases endorphins into the body.  Not only will this help you to de-stress, but it can also boost energy and help you sleep at night.


  1. Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath is a great way to relax and wash away any tension in your body. Take your time soaking in the water, listen to some music or enjoy reading your favourite book.


  1. Spend quality time with loved ones

Spend time with your family, friends and those who are important to you. Having dinner with your family, playing games with your kids or even an after-dinner walk with your partner are great ways to reconnect and spend quality time together – you’ll enjoy your evenings even more when you spend them with people you care about.


  1. Plan ahead

Why not plan your evenings like you plan your days? At the start of the day make a mental note of what you want to do so you can spend your time more wisely. For instance, one night you might want to catch up on your favourite tv show, visit your local pub or start a new book to read.


  1. Mindfulness

Studies show that mindfulness practices help you manage stress, increase your ability to relax and improve sleep. Getting into a routine and practicing meditation and breathing exercises are great ways to unwind after a full day at work.


  1. Get a hobby

Let your spare time be about what you love to do – your hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life whilst doing something you are passionate about. Whether it’s learning a new skill, trying a different sport or joining a club, a hobby is great way to enhance your evening.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep

A refreshing night’s sleep is the best way to end a well-spent evening. Work out how many hours of sleep you need to be at your best, so you’re ready for the next day ahead. 

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