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Dramatic and well-rounded, our range of red wines are designed to impress. With intense fruity flavours from the velvety smooth Merlot to the spicy Big Earl Malbec, we have specially selected this collection of bold, distinctive flavours to complement a meal or share with friends.

soft & fruity


Hawk Ridge Red, Spain

Soft, juicy and easy drinking with berry fruits and a hint of spice 11.5%

175ml £3.99  |  250ml £5.49  |  Bottle £13.99


Merlot, Giotto, Italy

Easy drinking with fresh, ripe crushed berry fruit flavours and a soft finish 12%

175ml £4.49  |  250ml £6.29  |  Bottle £15.49


Merlot Malbec, Journey’s End, South Africa

Rich and juicy, full of ripe red berry flavours and soft tannins 13.5%

175ml £4.79  |  250ml £6.29  |  Bottle £15.99


Pinot Noir, Valdivieso, Chile

Smooth with intense fruity notes of strawberries, hints of Cassis and a delicate sweet spice 14%

175ml £5.29  |  250ml £7.29  |  Bottle £17.99


rich & spicy


Shiraz, Palmetto Barossa, Australia

Juicy red summer berries and stone fruit with a hint of black pepper 15%

175ml £6.99  |  250ml £8.99  |  Bottle £22.99


Charles Smith Vino Red, Washington State USA

Black cherry notes with a subtle hint of spice and oak 13.5%

175ml £5.49  |  250ml £7.49  |  Bottle £18.99


Rioja, Spain

Elegant with intense red fruit notes combined with a touch of vanilla and a velvety texture 13%

175ml £4.49 |  250ml £5.99 |  Bottle £14.99


Cabernet Sauvignon, El Pico, Chile

Dark and juicy fruit flavours with spicy notes 13%

175ml £4.29  |  250ml £5.79  |  Bottle £14.49



full-bodied & smooth


Shiraz, Santa Rita Gran Hacienda, Chile

Fruity aromas of dark berries and subtle notes of spice with a silky smooth finish 13%

175ml £4.99  |  250ml £6.99  |  Bottle £17.49


Malbec, La Posta Vineyard Blend, Argentina

Intense red berry aromas with plum, berry and mocha flavours 13.5%

175ml £5.99  |  250ml £7.79  |  Bottle £19.99


Malbec, Big Earl, Argentina

Intense, big and smooth with dark fruit and spice 13%

175ml £4.99  |  250ml £6.79  |  Bottle £16.49



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