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Spend meaningful time together with family and friends over brunch. Soak up the welcoming atmosphere from our friendly teams, over a range of classic and indulgent dishes.


Welcome to the

Red Lion


Located in a unique spot in the centre of the Avebury stone circle, The Red Lion, surrounded by Neolithic stone monuments and beautiful countryside, is a beautiful, postcard-perfect thatched pub that dates back to1802. Known for its claim as one of the most haunted pubs in the country, the pub has an exceptional feature unlike any other pub; an indoor well, now converted into a spectacular table you can enjoy a drink at, which locals have some spooky theories about. Due to its location on a UNESCO World Heritage site, the pub is a stone’s throw away from many interesting landmarks, including the prehistoric Silbury Hill, the largest artificial chalk mound, comparable in height and volume to the roughly contemporary Egyptian pyramid. The equally fascinating and beautiful countryside scenery surrounding The Red Lion makes for an ideal setting to cosy up with a heart-warming meal and a glass of smooth cask ale after a long peaceful afternoon stroll in the great outdoors.

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