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World Vegan Day


World Vegan Day is celebrated annually around the world on the 1 November and whether you are a devout vegan or are interested in finding and trying out some delicious vegan food, World Vegan Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved and champion all things vegan.

If you've been thinking about giving veganism a go, there's no better time than right now.

Is Vegan For You?

The whole of November is recognised as World Vegan Month, so there is plenty of opportunity to give veganism a try.

Whether you are looking at trying a vegan lunch with friends or gathering your nearest and dearest for a fully fledged vegan dinner party we have just the dish for you.

You could even challenge your friends, family or work colleagues to go vegan for 30 days by taking the Vegan Pledge.

The Facts

Did you know: The Vegan Society first began as an offshoot of The Vegetarian Society in November 1944, when Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley and friends felt the important need to distinguish the difference between not eating meat, and not eating any products from animals.

A vegan diet is richly diverse and comprises of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans and pulses - all of which can be prepared in endless combinations that will ensure you're never bored. From curry to cake, pasties to pizzas, all of your favourite things can be suitable for a vegan diet if they're made with plant-based ingredients.

Our chefs have been hard at work in our development kitchen to create a vegan menu that will inspire and delight. Designed to not just appeal to existing vegans it is also likely to tempt non vegans into trying something new.

Ultimate Vegan Burger

No Compromises

Our new vegan menu is full of heart-warming dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds this Autumn. Including pub classics such as a Mushroom & Ale Pie and our delicious Ultimate Vegan Burger you won’t be compromising on flavour or variety, that’s for sure!

Our chefs have even created Fishless Fish and Chips, they are baked fish-free fillets in a delicious crispy breadcrumb, served with triple-cooked chips, vegan lemon mayonnaise and choice of garden or mushy peas – this is a dish you’ve got to try!

What are you waiting for? Head down to your Chef & Brewer and delight in all things Vegan and help celebrate World Vegan Day!



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