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Sirloin Says


We’ve made it our mission to bring you the very best steak at the most impressive prices and we think you’ll be pretty impressed with our new steak deal. A juicy 8oz sirloin steak for just £10: A weekend treat that won’t break the bank and tastes amazing: Double Winner! Book A Table now to enjoy this delicious offer.

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8oz Sirloin Steak For £10

Why Sirloin?

A cut above the rest, sirloin steak is renowned for its superior depth of flavour and succulent texture, it's no surprise that sirloin steak is one of our guests favourite meals. Beautifully tender our 8oz steaks are selected for having plenty of marbling for a greater depth of flavour. Our chefs recommend ordering your sirloin steak to be cooked medium rare to enjoy the depth of flavour to its maximum.

All of our steaks are expertly aged for up to 28 days to ensure they are tender and full of flavour and are served with a grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, lambs leaf, onion rings or crispy onion wedge. Plus triple-cooked chips, mashed potato, jacket potato or salad.

Rest Is Best

Did you know: This well-flavoured steak needs to be cooked carefully, and rested properly to ensure it is not chewy. Sirloin is cut from the large back muscle and has a bigger, beefier flavour than fillet or rib-eye steaks, perfectly accompanied by a rich glass of red wine!

We recommend Journey’s End Merlot Malbec, this rich and juicy red wine hails from South Africa and with its undertones of ripe, red berry flavours it is a great tipple to enjoy alongside your sirloin steak. Red, not your thing? Check out our drinks menu to find the perfect drink to raise a toast to.

Our head chef Steve says “Resting time is as important as cooking time, as this allows the juices brought to the surface by the high cooking heat to sink back into the flesh, which also relaxes the meat and makes it much more tender.” However you prefer your steaks cooked, rest assured our highly trained chefs will ensure your steak is cooked to perfection, every time, so you know you’re getting the best every time. Bon appetite!



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