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Meat Free


Whether you are opting for a meat-free week in honour of National Vegetarian Week or you live your life meat-free, we understand the importance of having amazing tasting vegetarian dishes to enjoy whilst dining out with friends and family.

Courgette skewers
Courgette And Harissa Flavoured Rice Skewers

Our new Courgette and Harissa Flavoured Rice Skewers are a great vegetarian option for a starter or lighter option. Also suitable for vegans, there is no compromise on flavour what-so-ever! Served with houmous and lemon oil, the harissa flavour gives the skewers a spicy and fragrant taste that gives this dish a real kick – making it a perfect choice for National Vegetarian Week.

Did you know… Harissa is widely used in North Africa and Middle Eastern cuisines and it will have you dreaming of long hot days and tropical destinations in an instant.

cheese ale fondant
Cheddar And Yorkshire Ale Fondue

Another new dish, on our new menu is the very yummy Cheddar And Yorkshire Ale Fondue. Great as a sharer or an indulgent treat on a long summer’s day, it’s the perfect pick-me-up. Served with asparagus, carrot & cucumber crudités, beetroot pickle, caramelised red onion chutney and white & malted toasted bloomer, it won’t be on your plate for long!

Goan masala
Goan Vegetable Masala Tiffin

Choosing a vegetarian option doesn’t have to mean you compromise on the classics. Our chefs have worked hard to create a vegetarian curry that rivals its meat packed alternatives! With gobi saag, turmeric rice, a garlic & coriander glazed naan, poppadoms, spicy mango salsa and raita dip it is a great meat-free alternative. A visual treat too it tastes even better than it looks!  

fruit sundae
Summer Fruit Sundae

Don’t ignore your sweet tooth cravings this National Vegetarian Week. We’ve got a pudding for every occasion. We can’t get enough of our new Summer Fruit Sundae. Packed full of fresh fruit it features a whopping 4 different fruits, as well as mango sorbet, clotted cream ice-cream, raspberry coulis and toasted almonds. Get your fix of your five a day with fresh pineapple, raspberries and peach and pear pieces. It tastes like Summer in a pudding!

Did you know: According to the NHS, around 2% of the population are vegetarian – which roughly equates to around 1.2 million people and a YouGov survey found that 25% of people in Britain have cut back how much meat they eat, so we know you’ll be in good company if you decide to go meat-free this National Vegetarian Week. Remember, these are just a few of our vegetarian dishes that are available at Chef & Brewer. 

Variety is the spice of life: With 11 vegetarian puddings to choose from, 15 mains and 4 starters and sharers you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing vegetarian meals at Chef & Brewer. Check out our full menu for all of the choices.


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