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National Vegetarian Week




From being a fully-fledged veggie to someone that's wanting to support #NationalVegetarianWeek eating more veggie food is a delicious way to do your bit for the environment.

Plus what better timing to take part as from 13 May – 19 May National Vegetarian Week is here!

Food For Thought...


If you’re thinking about cutting out meat from your diet or scaling back on your impact on the environment, National Vegetarian Week is a great time to start.

From stretching your creativity in the kitchen and exploring new food options, you’ll be surprised at how easy, enjoyable and varied going veggie can be – and this doesn’t need to stop when you’re out and about looking for a good vegetarian meal at your local pub.

Mezze Board for Two (V)

Very Veggie


Here at Chef & Brewer our chefs have been hard at work in the kitchen to create a diverse and delicious range of vegetarian meals that are designed to tempt and inspire you – we’re pretty confident that even your meat eating friends will love our veggie options!

One of our new stand out vegetarian dishes is the new Mezze Board For Two*. Not only a total visual treat, the sharing board tastes amazing too! (Even if we do say so ourselves!) 

Inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, thanks to its warming spices and aromatic flavours this typically Middle Eastern dish is perfect to be enjoyed outside….. Just in time for the glorious sunshine!

This sharer, with its roasted red peppers & sweet potato kofta skewers on a turmeric, cranberry & cauliflower couscous salad, has a really distinctive flavour running through it: You won’t be missing meat with this dish, that’s for sure!

Olives and sliced beetroot, make this dish delightfully moreish and the seeded crostini is the perfect choice for dipping! 

Couscous & Rocket Salad With A Cucumber Dressing

Veggie On The Side?


Did You Know: All of our side dishes are vegetarian!

We’ve got plenty of vegetarian sides to choose from, including our chefs favourite: The new dish, Cous-Cous and Rocket Salad with a Cucumber Dressing.

It’s a great plus one, or perfect as a light snack, partnered with our delicious Garlic Ciabatta it’s a dream!

Clementine Tart (V)

Sweet Tooth?


Our chefs have really gone to town with our vegetarian options in our pudding range.

From our super sweet Clementine Tart through to our Rich Chocolate & Raspberry Torte you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Don’t forget to share your support for National Vegetarian Week on social media and use the hash tag #NationalVegetarianWeek




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