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Mór Irish Gin


Here at Chef & Brewer we know a thing or two about what makes a good Gin…. And with that in mind, we couldn’t be prouder to tell you about our Gin of the month Mór Irish Gin.

Master Distillers

Mór is a bold and innovative gin made with old school traditions at the Arderin Distillery, in Tullamore, Co Offaly - a craft gin distillery founded by Eoin Bara in 2015. Eoin was inspired by a tales of relentless adventure and a distilling legacy stretching back three generations to the 1930s when his grandfather was a Master distiller of a world renowned Irish Whiskey in the same town.



The bottle design and label pays homage to the Grand Canal that was built in Tullamore in 1798 that linked up to the Shannon and breathed trade and life from Dublin into the West. The label wraps around the bottle in the same way the Grand Canal route blended and weaved through the heart of lreland.

Mór has grown quickly to become Ireland’s biggest leading and truly independent craft gin distillery and we couldn’t be prouder to be an official stockist of this brilliant gin!

The Process

At Mór they use natural ingredients and nature cannot be standardised. This means they test the blend for flavour, strength and consistency as they go.

Their unique blend of botanicals are hand mixed and steeped to create the perfect balance of flavours. They then lightly filter fresh water through the blend to add a crisp, clear, finish to the wild, bold, flavour their gin is known for.

Tasting Notes

Big and bold flavours are key to their Wild Berry Gin. Their guiding principle is a taste not acquired but enjoyed…. Earthy at first, with coriander and rosemary making a big impression, the taste then becomes sweet and juicy with big bundles of fresh berry notes at the core and a slight peppery hint on the finish. Cheers!


Each of their botanical elements are chosen with care and attention to flavour and fragrance.

They use a four part distillation method. Fresh blackberries, cranberries and raspberries are steeped overnight and distilled before being blended with their four core botanicals of juniper, rosemary, angelica root and coriander.

By steeping their botanical mix each ingredient is able to release it's full flavour. This is what helps them create such a unique bold flavour fur our quality gin.

The average batch size is around 1200L at bottling strength ( 40% ABV). They use fresh fruit sourced in the summer from Ireland as much as possible such as the raspberries, blackberries and rosemary. Their juniper comes from Macedonia, the coriander from Italy, cranberries from the USA and German angelica root all help make Mór Gin worthy of our gin of the month!



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