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Dry January


Happy New Year!

December is typically a month of over indulgence, lots of delicious food and even more festive drinks, after all there’s always an excuse to raise a toast in December, it’s Christmas!

January on the other hand can seem pretty bleak, cutting back is the order of the day and the healthy mantra of a ‘New Year, New You’ is ringing loud in your ears: Enter Dry January…

Why Do Dry January?

Dry January is a month long alcohol free month run by charity Alcohol Change UK and is designed to help reset your relationship with alcohol amongst many other benefits. Whether you are going booze free for charity, as a bet, or just because you want to give yourself a break from alcohol, completing Dry January can make you feel great.

Wave goodbye to days of hangovers, it can even help you lose some weight and give yourself a much needed energy boost.

Half Full

We want to switch up your attitude towards Dry January, less focus on what you can’t have and are trying to avoid and more emphasis on all the great alternatives there are to alcohol.

If you’re feeling happy and positive about Dry January, who knows, you may even enjoy yourself!

The day after the night before no longer needs to fill you with dread: Hangover free life can actually mean you’re up for going out with your friends and family more! Who knew?!

Socialising sober can actually be quite liberating, a real confidence booster you’ll be able to relax and really enjoy your company and treat yourself to feel good food.

Handmade Lemonade

Strength In Numbers

You won’t be alone: Did you know: Over four million people in the UK take on a Dry January challenge every year! There really is strength in numbers and you may be surprised that you’re friends and family are also taking part in Dry January.

Gather the troops and support each other in your mission to complete Dry January.

We’ve created a great range of alcohol free drinks to support those who are taking part in the booze free month.

Our handmade lemonade is served with fresh lemons and plenty of ice and for those who are missing a fancy cocktail, our refreshing mocktails are a must! Choose from Strawberry & Cranberry Spritz, Passion Fruit & Orange Sparkler: Cheers!  

We even have a range of alcohol free beer for you to enjoy, our alcohol free drinks range have all been designed to help make Dry January easier than ever before.

Alcohol Free Beer

Alcohol Change Charity

Looking for more information on Dry January and how you can get support and become involved? Check out Alcohol Change for further information.



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