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It’s A Dog’s Life



One of the best things about summer is the cooling off with an ice-cream or two, an 11 o’clock ice cream treat? Totally understandable, what, it’s hot…. We need it! No judgement here! Well now, when you head off to the pub, your four legged friend can enjoy the same finer things in life: Introducing dog ice cream…

Keeping Tails Wagging In The Heat


Make sure your four legged friends don't miss out and they enjoy their very own doggy ice-cream!

Our friends at Marshfield's Farm have specially made this doggy ice cream to make sure it's perfect for your four legged friends and their sensitive tummies!

Marshfield's have been making multi award-winning ice cream on their family farm just outside of Bath for over 30 years, so we’re confident that they know a thing or two about what makes the best ice-cream.

Did You Know: Marshfiel'd Farm can make 2,500 litres of ice cream every hour! That’s enough to fill 31 bathtubs every hour - and it’s all made with fresh organic milk produced by their own cows!

Dog Friendly


Marshfield Farm’s family dog, Scoop was the inspiration behind their dog ice cream. Aware that he was missing out on the ice-cream fun, they decided to adapt their delicious recipe and use their ice-cream know-how to create a dog friendly ice-cream.

They have specially made their doggy ice cream with their own fresh farm milk and adapted the recipe to be perfect for sensitive four legged friends.  To ensure it was as dog friendly as possible they even added joint care supplements from GWF. So it’s not only yummy but good for them too!

Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs is now available to buy as 125ml tubs from Chef & Brewer. So gather your friends and family and bring your four legged friend along to enjoy some fun in the sun!




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