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Fall For Our Autumn Specials


Indulgent, decadent and delightfully comforting, our Autumn Specials are irresistible.  We can’t wait for you to fall for our Autumn Specials, available from the 11 September.

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New Flavours

Autumn is upon us and here at Chef & Brewer we have the most irresistible seasonal treats for you to devour. Meet the flavours of the new season with our Autumn Specials, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

As the leaves slowly begin to change colour, and the nights start to draw in, we’ve found ourselves eagerly awaiting the change in season, especially as it coincides with the launch of our new Autumn Specials.

Indulgent, decadent and warming comfort food, our Autumn Specials have something for everyone.  Treat yourself to delicious flavours and warming dishes all designed to help prepare you for the long winter days that are upon us.

Here are just a few of our new favourite foods to help get us through the change of seasons…

Homemade Cumberland Scotch Egg

Our homemade Cumberland Scotch Egg is a delicious autumnal treat. Served with homemade mustard mayo it is the perfect way to start an indulgent Autumn feast. Encased in a crunchy outer breadcrumb shell, the sausage meat is complimented perfectly by a delicious egg centre. This traditional classic is everyone's favourite. 

Venison Duo

The venison medallions are cooked medium rare by our chefs to ensure the full flavours of this delicious meat can be enjoyed and savoured. This premium cut of meat is some of the most tender meat you’ll ever enjoy and is paired perfectly with a delicious venison Shepherds Pie. This rich and indulgent dish is set to become one of your go-to autumnal dishes this season.

Delicious Desserts

Warm with spicy undertones this rich delicious dessert is designed to tantalise your taste buds. With an audible crunch from the moment your spoon hits the caramelised topping, you’ll know for certain this Crème Brulee is one of dreams!  With its crisp outer case, set against its gooey custard centre, we can’t wait for you to discover this limited edition pudding.

To The Bar!

A little short on time? No problem, head to the bar and order from our new bar food snacks menu. With such delights as Pork Crackling Sticks and Padron Peppers, you can rest assured our new bar snacks are as Moorish as they are delicious! 



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