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Our head development chef Steve has shared some of his favourite dishes from our menu.

Our Winter menu is being served and it's sure to be a flavour sensation!


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Rosemary & Garlic Camembert


Our new sharer is one we're really excited to share with you: Introducing our new Rosemary & Garlic Camembert.

Almost too good to share, this new rustic, delightfully indulgent starter is the perfect choice to start your meal at Chef & Brewer.

Served with our handmade cheese and mustard straws, for the perfect pairing. 

With its classic ingredients, rustic finish and earthy flavours we're confident you'll be impressed.

Steve says 'the tangy mustard perfectly complements the richness of the Camembert - which is topped off with delicious seeds and truffle oil, meaning there really is no end to the indulgence!' 

Served with caramelised red onion chutney, to provide a sweet contrast and a selection of bread, as well as delicious handmade cheese and mustard straws, the only difficulty you'll have is choosing who to share this dish with! 


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Pan-Fried Hake with Mussel Chowder


We know, you shouldn't really have a favourite, but when we quizzed Steve on what was his favourite dish from the Winter menu he didn't need much encouragement to spill the beans! 

Steve tells us our Pan-Fried Hake with Mussel Chowder is a dish I'm really excited about' he says 'it's a really hearty dish, perfect for Winter, packed full of flavour and goodness.' 

The hake is pan-fried to give the fish a really crispy, moreish skin. Steve says, 'this dish is full of comfort flavours and paired with roasted sweetcorn, I wanted to give this dish a real sweet, smoky flavour and I'm pretty confident it hits the spot!'

Served with pan-fried king prawns and samphire, on crushed parsley baby potatoes, cabbage and smoked bacon, it tastes as good as it looks!

Steve says 'the bacon is the perfect match to complement the hake, thanks to the hake absorbing the stronger flavours of the bacon, it's a match made in heaven' 

We'll certainly be adding it to our order!


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Slow-Cooked Lamb Pie


Is there a dish that epitomises the Winter season more than a hearty, comforting pie? We think not! 

Introducing our Slow-Cooked Lamb pot pie, for Winter, topped with indulgent, delicious, flaky pastry, -  the essence of comfort food. 

Steve tells us 'bursting with flavour and incredibly tender lamb, a result of its low and slow 8-hour cooking time, this is my favourite pie from the Winter menu and we can see where he is coming from! 

Topped with puff pastry with hints of garlic and rosemary, this nostalgic pie is wholesome, filling and warming, we're already ready for the chill of winter. 


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Chicken in a Basket with a Garlic Kiev Sauce

Chicken in a Basket with a Garlic Kiev Sauce


Steve says 'We looked to the classic chicken kiev for inspiration and gave it a Chef & Brewer twist' 

A hand-battered chicken breast served with a garlic Kiev sauce, skin-on fries and dressed salad we're confident you're going to love this classic.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée


Our Vanilla Crème Brûlée is truly indulgent! 

Steve says 'I love the sound when your spoon hits the surface of the Crème Brûlée: Crack! It's so satisfying because you know you'll be rewarded with a deliciously decadent, gooey Crème Brûlée: Perfect!'

This crunchy custard delight is sure to become your go-to pudding! We can't get enough of it.


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Bakewell Tart


A total classic, Bakewell Tart is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

With raspberry coulis, shortbread crumb and Beechdean clotted cream ice cream, there's always room for pudding with this British Classic.


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