Five reasons why gin could (and should) be your drink of choice


The Gin Palour

If you've never considered yourself to be a gin drinker, then think again! Gin not only has a wonderful history, it's also highly complex and delicious, as well as being a packed full of botanical bounty!

Here are five reasons why gin could (and should) be your drink of choice:

- reason 1 -
Improve your digestion

Poor gin, it gets a bad reputation, as so many claim it has a slightly bitter taste, but that vaguely tart flavour you've noticed can actually aid your digestive health. Gins are distilled using herbs and natural essences, and, like most botanical products, these can help to increase your digestive enzymes and stomach acid levels, which are vital for breaking down food. Speaking of digestion, gin is also low calorie! Just one small (175ml) glass of white wine could come in at approximately 115 calories, compared with a single shot of gin and slim-line tonic at only 50 calories.

- reason 2 -
Beat those seasonal blues

The juniper berry is a key ingredient for all gins. It can be compared with the likes of grapes in wine, or hops in beer. These humble berries are the A-list celebrities of the gin-world, as they have to be the primary botanical component for a gin to be classified as...a gin! As well as bringing amazing aroma and flavour to the spirit, juniper has great gastronomic and medicinal properties too - for centuries it was used as a topical antiseptic to help fight off chest infections, so it could just help you to get through the colder months!

- reason 3 -
Increase your herbal intake

Here's another win for gin! Herbal remedies and teas can work wonders, so if you're looking for a more 'natural' alcoholic beverage to enjoy, then gin is your liquor! As well as juniper berries, it also contains coriander, nutmeg, sage, angelica root and rosemary (just to name a few), and all these ingredients are jam-packed with health properties.

- reason 4 -
Because you're worth it

Thanks to gin's natural ingredients, it's saturated with antioxidants, which will help to keep your skin both fresh and youthful. We're not saying that gin is the holy grail of spirits, but…let's face it, it's certainly sounding more appealing now!

Still not convinced? Perhaps this last reason will make you a gin believer!

- reason 5 -
Improves your blood circulation

The ingredients used in gin have actually been proven to help improve blood circulation as we get older, which can prolong your years. Juniper contains flavonoids, which have a wealth of benefits for cardiovascular health. Now...we're not saying that a gin a day will keep the doctor away, we will always recommend that you drink responsibly.

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