Top 20 comfort foods to give Britain a boost


Top 20 comfort foods

So autumn is well and truly upon us, and with the nights getting longer, and the days shorter, we’re definitely starting to feel the chill.

As a nation of foodies, we’re always on the lookout for delicious and comforting meals to help warm up those long cold nights, so we’ve pulled together our top 20 comfort foods to help give you an extra boost.

- comfort food 1 -
Beef and Ale Stew

There’s nothing better than a sumptuous one-pot stew to warm the soul and make your taste buds tingle. The beauty of this dish is that it doesn’t need to be neat or tidy – with roughly chopped veg and melt in the mouth slow-cooked beef, it’s a simple, delicious and healthy option, guaranteed to please even the most discerning diner.

- comfort food 2 -
Shepherd’s Pie

A British favourite, the humble shepherd’s pie is a proven classic with its meaty filling and creamy mashed potato topping. Why not sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese on yours for a delicious, crispy finish, or add a splash of Worcester sauce for that extra kick? Pop into your local Chef & Brewer pub to sample our twist on the dish, featuring succulent lamb shank.

- comfort food 3 -
Spaghetti Bolognese

When it comes to comfort food, there’s no denying the Italians do it right. Crack open a bottle of your favourite red and, snuggle down on the sofa with a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese for the ultimate cosy night in. Just don’t forget the garlic bread and a sprinkle of parmesan!

- comfort food 4 -
Pie and Mash

You just can’t beat tucking into a hot, flaky pastry pie when the weather is cold outside – it’s like a hug on a plate! Serve your pie with seasonal veg and lashings of gravy for the perfect winter warmer. Did you know, our pies are made with hand-crimped shortcrust pastry from one of the oldest family-owned bakeries in Britain?

- comfort food 5 -
Chicken Tikka Masala

Hailed as the UK’s national dish, chicken tikka masala is the ultimate comfort food. Chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, baked and served in a masala sauce – it’s the perfect accompaniment to your Saturday night in front of the TV.

- comfort food 6 -
Sticky Toffee Pudding

Ideal for anyone with a super sweet tooth, sticky toffee pudding is warm, gooey and quite simply, delicious. We wanted to make our dish extra special, so we’ve added sultanas for texture and sweetness, and extra helpings of toffee sauce for a really luxurious finish. Just make sure you leave enough room after your main course!

- comfort food 7 -
Classic Roast Dinner

Who can resist a traditional British roast dinner? Whether it’s chicken, lamb, beef or pork (or all four!), serve with buttered seasonal veg, crispy roast potatoes and plenty of gravy for the country’s most loved Sunday afternoon dish.

- comfort food 8 -
Hearty Soup

Warming and wholesome, soup should be a staple this season. It’s dead easy to make up a batch at home using your favourite seasonal veg and some stock, and it can be popped in the freezer and reheated any time you like. If you’re dining out, why not sample the soup of the day to kick start your meal? We like it piping hot, loaded with flavour and served with a crusty baguette (dunking optional).

- comfort food 9 -
Sausages and Mash

Sausages, check. Mashed potato, check. Gravy, check. Sometimes it’s the simplest dishes that bring the most happiness, and this great British classic is the perfect way to keep you going through those chilly evenings.

- comfort food 10 -
Burger and Chips

Everyone loves a good bit of pub grub, and it doesn’t get much better than burger and chips – it’s comfort food for any time of the year. Check out our Hog Roast Burger for the ultimate indulgence – a 6oz gammon burger, 4oz British pork & cracked black pepper burger and tender pulled pork, served on a seeded brioche bun and skewered with pork crackling. Yum.

- comfort food 11 -

Another Italian classic, there is something truly irresistible about the layered combination of hearty meat filling, delicate pasta sheets and creamy béchamel sauce. We Brits love to serve ours with a side salad – and generous portion of chips, of course.

- comfort food 12 -
Apple Crumble

Soft tangy apples, crispy crumble and lots of fresh cream or custard poured over the top, this delicious treat will help keep you warm all winter long. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top for an extra tasty pick me up.

- comfort food 13 -

With endless different toppings, bases and sauces to choose from, pizza is a great comfort food for sharing with friends and family in front of the TV. You can’t beat a crispy Italian base and oozing mozzarella cheese on a chilly evening. Sometimes, only pizza will do!

- comfort food 14 -
Mac and Cheese

Ok, so it might not be the lightest of meals, but boy does it taste good! Mix your cooked macaroni with a creamy cheese sauce, and top with bread crumbs and grated cheese before placing under the grill. Crispy on top and gooey underneath – delicious.

- comfort food 15 -

There’s something really comforting about a creamy, silky risotto, and there are so many different flavours to try. Our veggie option contains white wine, tomato, pea, roasted butternut squash and asparagus, finished with toasted cashews and dressed with rocket.

- comfort food 16 -
Chocolate Fudge Cake

he ultimate indulgence, nothing quite beats tucking into a large slice of sticky, chocolate fudge cake. Best served warm and gooey, with a generous dollop of custard, double cream or ice cream on the side. A chocolate lover’s paradise.

- comfort food 17 -

Fancy a dish that’s both tasty and nutritious? Why not rustle up a scrumptious ratatouille using a medley of your favourite vegetables? Serve as an accompaniment to another dish, or on its own for a healthy, and delicious main course. It’s traditionally made with tomatoes, onions, courgettes, aubergine and peppers – but you can throw in whatever veg takes your fancy.

- comfort food 18 -
Toad in the Hole

Another traditional British dish, toad in the hole is the perfect combination of crispy Yorkshire pudding batter and flavoursome sausages, often served with a generous portion of onion gravy and root vegetables. Grab an instant batter mix, and just add water and an egg, to make a super quick and easy batter at home.

- comfort food 19 -
Cheese on Toast

Quick, simple and oh so tasty – cheese on toast is definitely one of our favourite comfort foods, whatever the time of year. There’s something about crunchy toast and oozy melting cheese that just makes you feel great. Splash a little Worcester sauce over the top before it goes under the grill for that extra dash of flavour.

- comfort food 20 -
Bread and Butter Pudding

A national institution, this traditional British pud dates back to Victorian times, and is made by layering slices of buttered bread with a scattering of raisins, lashings of custard and is seasoned with nutmeg, vanilla or other spices. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and stodge to get you through those long dark nights.

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