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There’s no good reason not to start the day with brunch. The very best of both worlds, brunch presents a delightfully indulgent treat. It is the perfect recipe for a seriously good morning. Let brunch become the highlight of your weekend.

Here are our top 5 reasons as to why brunch is the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

Served Until Noon

Brunch is a great start to the day, without the restrictions of a rushed breakfast. Indulgent and delicious, brunch is arguably the most relaxing meal of the week. Later than breakfast and more leisurely than lunch, we serve brunch until noon, so take a breath, time is your friend.

Mixing Sweet With Savoury Is Acceptable

Waffles, bacon, maple syrup and blueberries? The combinations are practically endless. Treat your taste buds to a mixture flavours, where a contrast of tastes are not only the norm, but actively encouraged.

Brunch Lasts Longer

Brunch really is like the gift that keeps on giving. By name and by nature, it is the very best of both worlds. A hybrid of breakfast and lunch, not only does it steal the best flavours of each meal, it holds onto the duration of both feasts put together, it doesn’t want to be rushed, a three hour long brunch? Yes please!

It’s A Celebration

Promotion? Engagement? Baby news? Weekend lie-in? Whatever it is, brunch will always be on hand to assist in the celebrations. It’s guilt-free consumption at its finest, after-all it is technically two meals. So treat yourself!

Dessert For Breakfast

Sweet tooth fanatics rejoice: a seriously good morning starts with dessert. Normally frowned upon, brunch holds no such prejudices. Enjoy the sweetest of treats, completely guilt free whilst dining at brunch. What’s not to love?

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