Easter Sunday is traditionally a day to relax but a recent survey of 2,000 adults has discovered that this long-upheld custom is dying out, with the typical Brit planning to carry out a list of up to 15 jobs on Sunday alone.

National pub chain Chef & Brewer has found that one in ten Brits claim that Sunday is their busiest day of the week with cleaning, ironing and washing topping the list of laborious tasks completed. And it is predicted that Easter Sunday will be no exception.

The study found two thirds of adults are planning to spend Easter Sunday catching up on everything that gets left the rest of the week. In fact, more people spend Sundays performing domestic chores than they do spending quality time with friends and family.

Beth McDonald at Chef & Brewer, who conducted the poll, said: ‘’We feared Sundays had lost their mantle as the day of rest for Brits, but we found it startling that the majority of adults were planning to spend Easter Sunday working on household chores rather than relaxing with friends and family.

“As much as we have domestic jobs to do, it’s important to spend time with the family and try to make the most of our days off. Sitting down together for Sunday lunch is a traditionally British thing to do, so it would be a shame to see this fall by the wayside in favour of housework.”

For one in ten Brits, their Sunday jobs include changing towels, watering plants and paying online bills.

And nearly a quarter spend their day of rest sorting out the recycling, loading and unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming and hanging out washing.

Washing the car, packing school bags, walking the dog and food shopping were all listed as jobs to do on a Sunday.

An organised one in ten of those polled even write a to-do list for their week ahead.

A third of the 2,000 adults polled said shops opening on Sundays has made life easier for them.

And 54 per cent said they feel bogged down by the amount of jobs they are faced with on a weekend - four in ten said they get annoyed as they never have chance to wind down.

A third said tidying and domestic chores take up the most time on a Sunday but a quarter said preparing the Sunday lunch did.

In fact more than one in five said that cooking a traditional roast dinner was very stressful.

The poll found a quarter of British adults said they always sit down to a proper Sunday lunch, but one in ten said they only tend to in the winter months.

Beth McDonald from Chef & Brewer added: “This research shows that if it wasn’t for weekends and in particular Sundays, we would all fall behind with domestic chores and admin duties.

“That combined with cooking a traditional roast for the whole family can take up most of the day.

‘’It’s important to use weekends to wind down and relax, so if you can keep on top of all the menial jobs throughout the week that may free up some of your precious time.

‘’Also eating Sunday lunch out will help take some of the pressure off rather than slaving away in the kitchen and Easter Sunday should definitely be a day when Brits take time out to spend time with family.’’

Chef & Brewer has set up an online charter to help encourage Brits to savour their Sundays. Anyone that signs the charter will be gift a £5 voucher to spend on food in their local pub, to help them kick-start their pledge to take it easy on and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. www.facebook.com/chefandbrewer  


  1. Wash-up
  2. Generally tidy-up
  3. Put washing in the machine
  4. Eat a roast dinner
  5. Dry-up
  6. Hang out washing either indoors or outdoors
  7. Vacuum
  8. Load the dishwasher
  9. Iron
  10. Visit a supermarket
  11. Sort out recycling
  12. Unload the dishwasher
  13. Tidy the garden
  14. Clean the bathroom
  15. Small DIY jobs i.e. change light-bulbs, put up pictures etc
  16. Change the bedding
  17. Take the bins out
  18. Dust and polish
  19. Ring any relatives for a catch-up
  20. Walk the dog
  21. Drive to visit relatives
  22. Wash the car
  23. Weeding the garden
  24. Exercise
  25. Mow the lawn
  26. Pay bills online
  27. Change the towels
  28. Write to do list for the week ahead
  29. Pack school bags for Monday morning
  30. Water house plants
  31. Bake cakes
  32. Liaise with your partner over plans for the week ahead
  33. Prepare packed lunches
  34. Help children with homework
  35. Go to church of other place of worship
  36. Catch up on work
  37. Fill the car up with petrol
  38. Pack PE Kits
  39. Visit the tip
  40. Log on to work emails
  41. Last minute dash to convenience store for forget ton items
  42. Cook and freeze meals for the week
  43. Car maintenance
  44. Clean out pet bedding (hamsters, rabbits etc)
  45. Fill out school paperwork
  46. Watch kids play sport
  47. Order online food shop
  48. Polish school shoes
  49. Ferry kids to parties
  50. Get hair done

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