Spirit Pub Company gave one lucky Chef & Brewer guest a ‘grand’ surprise when they were presented with £1,000 after giving feedback on the Old Mill pub in Coventry.

Sophie Bacon Guest recommends feedback winner at Old Mill pub

Lucky lady Sophie Bacon with general manager Linda Johnson.

Sophie Bacon, who is local to the Mill Hill pub in Baginton, visited the pub as one-off treat with partner William and was so delighted with the experience she received that she gave feedback through the pub’s Guest Recommends Survey.

By providing feedback guests are entered into a monthly £1,000 prize draw from the combined entries of 800 Spirit Pub Company pubs.

Lucky Sophie said: “I only give feedback on service that has really stood out to me and on this occasion the Old Mill team went above and beyond my expectations and I felt I should ensure they get recognition for their hard work.”

Old Mill general manager, Linda Johnson, added: “It’s fantastic that Sophie has won the jackpot, it’s great to know that our service was so outstanding it encouraged her to give feedback!

“We think the Guest Recommends Survey is a cracking way to gauge how guests are feeling about us on a regular basis.  We always strive to provide the best experience so it’s great to know when we’re doing well and what we need to improve on.”

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