Five Chef & Brewer team players are celebrating having been presented with a Team Player Apprenticeship qualification.

The Half Moon’s Holly Stancill, Griffin’s Lesley Moreland, Dog & Partridge’s Linda Mcmillan plus Angela Cleary and Carla Hill from the Castle Hotel, were five of 20 team players who had their success officially recognised at a special awards ceremony during National Apprenticeship Week.

Linda Mcmillan Chef & Brewer apprentice award winner at The Dog & Partridge

Spirit Pub Company – which operates the Chef & Brewer brand – has more than 200 pub employees participating in an Apprenticeship programme.  It was launched two years ago in order to provide a clear career pathway for those working in the hospitality sector and offers an alternative to university for those keen to progress through a vocational route.

Now all five team players are hoping to further their careers by completing Spirit’s Team Leader Apprenticeship programme.   Linda, 49, said: “I am proof that you are never too old to do an apprenticeship. 

“I really enjoyed the course, particularly not having to sit in a formal classroom but being able to gain qualifications through my day to day work.  It has given me the confidence to strive to do my best and carve out a career within the hospitality sector.”

Spirit Pub Company has built on the success of its vocational training programme by introducing Team Leader Apprenticeship, a Masters Degree focusing on ‘multiple retail leadership’ and a Graduate Programme for Trainee Managers.

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