History of Ye Olde Swan pub and Woughton-on-the-Green, Buckinghamshire

Ye Olde Swan pub restaurant can be found in Woughton on the Green, a village on the outskirts of Milton Keynes next to Ouzel Valley Park and a short walk from the Grand Union Canal. The area was the location for many ancient settlements and today Ouzel Valley Park is dotted with the remains of medieval villages and their associated fishponds. It is thought that many of these villages may have been wiped out by the great plague in 1686 or abandoned as people moved further away from the river to avoid flooding.

Situated on the village green, The Ye Olde Swan is a historic pub with its own rich and mysterious past. The tavern dates back to the Tudor times, an era in which swan meat was considered to be a delicacy. In the cellar there is said to be a secret passageway connecting the tavern with St Mary’s church across the road. It is believed that monks used this tunnel to escape persecution during the Reformation.

The famous highwayman, Dick Turpin, was known to have stayed at the Olde Swan on numerous occasions. Outside the pub you’ll see the stone that Dick Turpin used to mount his horse when a speedy escape was required. It is said that it carries a curse and that bad luck will befall anyone who dares to move it.

Over its long history there have been many reports of paranormal activity taking place at Ye Olde Swan. Successive landlords have told tales of strange goings on; bread and jugs flying off shelves, cloaked figures disappearing through walls and chairs unstacking themselves. A former landlord said that one night when the tavern was closed, he heard what seemed to be a party going on downstairs with lots of raucous laughter and singing. When he when to check, the noise just faded away.

Whether the legends are true or not, Ye Olde Swan is a fascinating pub full of character and charm. Join us for a delicious meal, satisfying Sunday lunch or a pint of cask ale in our beer garden, or next to the roaring fire. Why not pre-book your table online today?

Directions to Ye Olde Swan

You can find Ye Olde Swan pub on Woughton on the Green on the outskirts of Milton Keynes next to Ouzel Valley Park just off the A421. We’re less than 10 minutes away from villages of Eaglestone West, Monkston, Brinklow and Walnut Tree.