History of the Red Lion

The first account of the Red Lion is a rent receipt dating back to 1629, which was £1 for ‘rent of the churchowse’. The church owned the Red Lion right up until it was sold in 1948.

The local Parish built the Red Lion pub over 400 years ago. It was common practise for churches to create church houses as meeting places for the community where they could buy ale brewed by the church to raise funds for maintenance and to help the poor. Historically, ale was an everyday drink and often safer than water.

The church house was not open every day as an inn would be, only when the church celebrated religious ceremonies such as Whitsun. Much like a church hall today, parishioners could hire the church house for private parties, with the money going towards the church fund.

By the 17th century, church houses such as this began to disappear. The puritans deemed the sale of church ales unacceptable and the introduction of rates by Tudor parliaments meant it was possible for churches to raise funds by other means.

From 1552 anyone wishing to sell ale had to have a license and adhere to stricter rules regarding game playing. Unlawful games included bowls and backgammon- these changes saw the demise of the church houses. However, due to the pub’s long connection to the local church it continued to be known as ‘The Church House’ until around 1753 when records show a William Miller became the landlord of The Red Lion, although the property was still owned by the Parish.

The Red Lion is set in the ancient village of Iver in Buckinghamshire where Neolithic pottery and several other fascinating artefacts have been discovered on the Uxbridge road to Langely. The name Iver is Saxon in origin and is recorded as Evreham or ‘homestead by the brow of the hill’ in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Nearby Langley Park covers 130 acres of countryside and is well known for its rhododendron and azaleas in the majestic temple gardens. Langley Park is separated from Black Park to the south by the A412. Black Park is famous for its proximity to Pinewood Studios – home to some of the world’s most famous and best-loved movies, including Superman andJames Bond - the British Carry On films were also made at Pinewood.

The Red Lion pub is a beautifully refurbished old English country pub with a fascinating past in an equally interesting location. Serving superb Sunday lunches, exciting choices on a specials board and traditional pub classics on an extensive menu you’re guaranteed a quality pub meal at The Red Lion.


The Red Lion, Langley Park Road, Iver, Buckinghamshire. For Sat Navs use postcode SL1 0JZ.