History of The Old Mill and Baginton Village

Picture of the old mill pub With its beautiful riverside setting, The Old Mill hotel and pub restaurant is centuries old and has a captivating history.

Excavation of a nearby Roman fort has revealed pottery dating back 1,750 years; the mill itself is entered in the Domesday Book; and in 1545 it was a working mill that ground corn for local merchant Francis Goodair.

The Old Mill is perhaps most famous locally for its oldest resident – a certain ‘grey-haired’ lady. According to folklore, this woman was trapped beneath the wheel and drowned and can still be sighted in and around the pub today.

Another very old and well-known resident is a mummified cat that was found during excavations. Allegedly, the cat’s remains have been removed a number of times, bringing bad luck until its return. Luckily the last attempt to remove it was back in 1999!

During the 19th Century, when a thousand years of milling came to an end, the old mill was converted into a private dwelling. Happily, it has been beautifully preserved, retaining many of its original features, and it is well worth a visit.

Baginton is a small historic village in Warwickshire, four miles south of Coventry and seven miles north of the tree-lined boulevards of Leamington Spa, at the heart of the area once known as the Forest of Arden.  The road that runs from Baginton to South Coventry will take you to The Old Mill and across the River Sowe.

An ancient oak tree - the ‘Baginton Oak’ - sits in the centre of the village and there is an old local proverb about a boy called Elliot who would sit under the oak tree when he had to ponder a complicated decision.

The Church of St John the Baptist in the old part of Baginton dates back to the 13th century. There is a scenic footpath which leads the ambitious walker all the way to the picturesque village of Stoneleigh through some beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

Today The Old Mill remains a picturesque and popular pub restaurant in the Heart of England countryside, welcoming guests who want to enjoy the delights of a relaxing Sunday lunch or a seasonal special from the extensive pub menu in a tranquil riverside location.

Directions to The Old Mill

You can find The Old Mill pub in Baginton, Warwickshire; a short drive from the A45/A46 Coventry ring road. Situated by the River Sowe just off the A444 on leafy Mill Hill. Key CV8 3AH into your satnav to find us.