History of The Dog & Partridge at Tutbury, Burton-on-Trent

One of the oldest buildings in the area, after the Church and Tutbury Castle, The Dog & Partridge has a rich and fascinating history. Beginning life as the home of the rich and powerful local family, it is believed it became an Inn whilst the family were away and the steward would welcome paying guests to make a profit, with his master’s consent. This was a popular form of lodgings for the wealthier class of traveller who didn’t want to stay in a common tavern. The opening of the Tutbury Turnpike in 1753 brought a significant increase in business to the Dog & Partridge. The fast 'Red Rover ' night coach from London to Liverpool stopped here after passing through the Tutbury Tollgate.

Close to Needwood Forest, many visitors will have chosen to stay here because of its location and proximity to great hunting and sporting events, which is probably where the name Dog & Partridge came from. It became a full time inn and changed hands between a number of different landlords over the years. It is rumoured there are secret passages connecting the cellars of the Dog & Partridge with Tutbury Castle, but to date no actual evidence has been found to support this. The remains of Tutbury Castle are on the site of an original Norman settlement that was destroyed in 1174. The First Earl of Lancaster began renovating the castle in 1270 and this became something of a fortress and a one-time prison to Mary Queen of Scots. Built in Tutbury on the banks of the River Doves, the castle overlooks Hanbury and Needham. More of a fortified town than a castle, this was Mary Queen of Scots most loathed period of imprisonment as bitterly cold winds blew through the tower where she was incarcerated. It is said Tutbury Castle is haunted and once featured on TVs ‘Most Haunted’. Regular ghost tours take place as people try to witness the ghostly soldier and a white lady that is said to walk across the tower windows. Today the Dog & Partridge is a popular pub restaurant ideal for relaxed Sunday lunches and sampling the pub menu with friends after a visit to Tutbury Castle or a stroll along the River Dove.

Directions to the Dog & Partridge

You can find the Dog & Partridge pub on the High Street in Tutbury. Situated just off the A511, near to Tutbury Castle. Key DE13 9LS into your satnav to find us.