History of Ravenshead

Following the murder of Thomas Becket, King Henry II, supposedly to make up for this terrible deed, gave the Canons of the Order of St Augustine the land at Ravenshead where they set up a priory, the walls of which can still be seen today.

Here, Ravenshead is first mentioned: ‘Ravenshead begins at the aforesaid way which lies from Papilwyke (Papplewick) to Blydeworthe, along the hollow road eastward which is called Thefestyghe: and this leads to the King’s highway which is called Nottinghamgate.’

Of course, the legend of Robin Hood centres around Sherwood Forest too, and it is possible one of Robin Hood’s followers, Friar Tuck, was inspired by the priory. Will Scarlet is also thought to be buried at nearby Blidworth Church.

The Hutt and Newstead Estate are as popular today as they have been for generations. It’s an idyllic country retreat, as well as a historic and literary landmark where you can savour the past, as well as the here and now, by way of delicious traditional pub food, excellent service, and vast selection of fine wines and cask ales. Simply perfect!

Directions to The Hutt

You can find The Hutt just off Nottingham Road in Ravenshead, Nottingham opposite Newstead Abbey. Just key NG15 9HJ into your satnav to find us.