History of The Didsbury Pub & Didsbury Village Green

The Didsbury pub restaurant is located in Didsbury village, an attractive, leafy suburb of South Manchester surrounded by parkland.  The pub restaurant is an 18th century former coaching house that stands on the site of a much older inn, the Ring O’Bells, which can be traced back to 1644 when the English Civil War raged across the country. Bonnie Prince Charlie, also known as the Young Pretender, was believed to have camped with his army close to the The Didsbury in 1785, and returned bedraggled after his defeat in Derby.

The area where the extensive beer garden now occupies to the front of the pub restaurant used to be the location of Didsbury Village Green, which put The Didsbury pub, then the Ring O’ Bells, right at the heart of village life. Back in the early 1900s during the time of the temperance movement the area of the village green, was referred to as the ‘gates of hell’ due to the temptation to stop for a drink at one of the pubs flanking the village green.

It is very likely that cock-fighting and bear-baiting took place on Didsbury village green outside The Didsbury pub. Both were extremely popular forms of entertainment for the working classes right up until the sports were banned on grounds of cruelty in the early 19th century. There is also lots of evidence that many a wager was made in the Ring O’ Bells, and no doubt many a victory celebrated and many a sorrow drowned.

On the 28th January, 1793, locals congregated on the village green to burn an effigy Tom Paine, author of The Rights of Man, a book defending the French Revolution. Scared by events in France and wanting to proclaim their loyalty to the state, soldiers and townsfolk performed a mock trial and execution amongst much merriment and drinking. 

Seasonal Food & Drink at the Didsbury Pub

Thankfully, the atmosphere is rather more sedate these days with The Didsbury now renown for excellent food and a superb range of cask ales that has earned the pub the coveted Cask Marque award. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a cosy, inviting rural pub with authentic character. Pre-book your table online for the Didsbury pub today.

Directions to Didsbury Pub, Didsbury Green

You can find the Didsbury pub in Didsbury Village just off the A34. We’re about 10 minutes away from Cheadle, Stockport and Wythenshawe and about 15 minutes away from Sale and Altrincham.